Packing Materials

Liberty Moving Group understands that packing your belongings is one of the most important aspects of moving.

We provide all of the necessary materials needed to ensure your belongings are packed carefully and securely.


Packing Tips:

Here are a few general suggestions that will make packing easier:

  • Start packing as soon as you decide that you are moving.
  • Plan before you start packing. Pack items that you don't use first.
  • Never pack flammable items such as : liquids/gases, fuels/oils, chemicals, propane, paint thinners, etc ...
  • Use a fair amount of paper in boxes to provide extra cushion for safety.
  • Label all boxes. Mark fragile items and contents of room outside of boxes.
  • Label all items which should be opened first such as utensils, toiletries, etc.
  • Separate breakable items and non-breakable items.
  • Use professional packing tape.
  • Pack all items in boxes tightly.

Clothes: Clothes are left on hangers and hung in wardrobe boxes.

China: Warp china in clean newspaper. Also place enough newspaper at the bottom, and all sides of dish-pack boxed for extra cushion.

Carefully warp each piece individually.

Lamp Shades: Handle lampshades by their wire frames and place in boxes lined with papers warp each shade separately in clean paper.

Stereos & other electronics: Pack electronics in their original boxes if possible. Use proper packing materials such as (bubble wrap, newspaper, foam sheets, blankets, etc.)

  • First start by padding the bottom of the box with a generous amount of packing material.
  • Carefully warp electronics with paper and carefully place it in box.
  • Tightly pack padding around and at the top of the box to prevent damages.
  • Label box as "fragile ".